The project’s overall objective is to develop and disseminate environmentally sustainable and economically viable mobility through innovative multidisciplinary co-creation that will enhance accessibility of small and middle-sized cities/towns and their rural surroundings within the NSR.

Developing mobility initiatives, responsive and tailored to the local needs, will increase accessibility of areas becoming more and more isolated. While heavily subsidised mobility schemes tend to be subject to budgetary constraints, with an increased risk for future limitations, setting up financially sustainable transport systems reinforces the durability and contributes to the removal of bottlenecks in and the greening of personal transport in rural and small city areas.

The project supports the greening of the transport sector by offering solutions aiming at a reduction in the use of individual vehicles or by using alternate greener options. On the long-term, the shift towards renewable energy for transport is necessary and this project will seize this opportunity by embracing standing technical innovations within the co-creation process as a way to promote sustainable and durable mobility.

The project will contribute to the overall objectives of the programme in terms of reducing GHG in the transport sector and will also provide tangible and reproducible models and results for local authorities to implement in the NSR and beyond, contributing to a long-term change in the mobility sector.