Advier is a dynamic SME aiming at keeping the world in movement: the movement to and between locations that provides economic functioning of these locations is the field of expertise of Advier, which works on the logistics of people as a prerequisite for a sustainable economy. Advier works on Public Private Partnerships for where the total accessibility by public transport, bicycle, car, shared vehicles and fleets and of course the internet contributes to a better economic functioning.

The project will allow Advier to acquire knowledge on good and bad practises from other countries about different types of mobility services (shared mobility, bike, e-bike, public transport) and the development and implementation of mobility services. The project, input and funding will allow Advier to accompany the partners in building inspiring solutions and possibilities for developing new developments.

Role in MOVE

Advier is a SME with a lot of experience and which main role will be to help the partners with inspiring solutions and possibilities for developing new mobility services for different target groups within WP4. Advier will also support the activities of WP2 by organising the final conference under the guidance of the HZ and will ensure long term valorisation of the project through activities within WP5 (online platform).


Pilots from this partner


The Landkreis Northeim is planning to implement an electric car-sharing and a rental service for conventional bicycles as a pilot project. For this purpose, a local partnership within the project between the Landkreis and the Regional Public Transport Authority (ZVSN) was established.

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