HZ is a higher education institute offering a variety of study and research programmes on the themes of tourism, health, mobility, social innovation and economic development. The focus is set on the development of coastal regions related to customers’ hidden needs through pilots bringing together different target groups, inhabitants and visitors. The HZ has a knowledge-programme on mobility, hidden needs and works together with University of Gent in collecting data of user behaviour.

HZ wants to gain insight in social innovation processes to create innovative and sustainable pilots. Being the regional knowledge centre in this area and in particular responsible for the cross analysis of data science, behaviour of travellers, hidden needs and leisure economy, the project will also bring added value to the region and the HZ teachings. The experience and knowledge of other European regions is crucial to develop sustainable solution on mobility in cross over situation.

Role in MOVE

The HZ will act as lead partner and coordinate WP1 (management) and WP2 (communication) as well as be active in WP3 as part of the interregional research and monitoring group, sharing its knowledge on Mobility and hidden needs. With experience in monitoring and supporting social innovation processes in creating innovative and sustainable pilots through co-creation HZ will be active in WP4. HZ will use its experience in transfer and valorisation of business models and crossovers and unlikely-combinations initiatives in WP5.


Annelies Koomans van den Dries

Pilots from this partner

SCitHOS simulation tool

Scithos as a pilot focuses on the validation of predicting the movement behaviour of visitors. Insights are generated partly via collected GPS data during the MOVE project and partly by bringing together all previously collected information by the Knowledge Center Coastal Tourism.

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OVflex – a question dependent shuttle service (executed by Connexxion provincial concessionaire).

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Bed & Bike

The tourist accommodation Hotel Bommelje (part of TeKust.com) is located in the center of the famous Zeeland seaside resort of Domburg. The pressure of the many parking cars in the center of Domburg is relatively high, especially in the tourist season.

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Real time coaching / coaching based on real time data

The pilot aims to create conscious tourist destinations in Zeeland in collaboration with the tourists/ residents by reflecting even more (consciously) on the impact of someone’s travel behaviour on the region.

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