NHS Highland provides healthcare services to a large population spread across urban, rural and remote areas. We cover a geographic area equivalent to Belgium and need to effectively manage resources logistics to ensure that staff, healthcare users and the necessary equipment and consumables are well co-ordinated. To be more environmentally friendly, our sustainability manager and transport manager have hired electric vehicles and car sharing schemes for health visitors and equipment and maintenance management staff.

NHSH wants to collaborate with other organisations in the Highlands and Islands area to look at opportunities to share resources to become more efficient and reduce its CO2 footprint. Sharing expertise and experience with other project partners from the NSR will ease adoption of innovative approaches and create opportunities for cross-sectoral solutions (e.g. health & tourism). This will build on the NSR project SHINE, in which a collaborative cluster is created around green healthcare including green transport.

Role in MOVE

NHSH will co-develop initiatives and be a test bed to implement pilot projects looking at sharing logistical resources with other public sector organisations (HITRANS) and assess opportunities for digital technology to mitigate the need for either staff or healthcare users to travel for appointments (WP4). We will co-ordinate other stakeholders will expertise, ideas and technology that will help assess these opportunities. NHSH will also be active in WP2 and support implementation of WP5.


Pilots from this partner


The Landkreis Northeim is planning to implement an electric car-sharing and a rental service for conventional bicycles as a pilot project. For this purpose, a local partnership within the project between the Landkreis and the Regional Public Transport Authority (ZVSN) was established.

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