An upgrade of mobility hub station

The presence of the station (and bus station) offers an important opportunity to improve the value of this location as a mobility hub. Here too, this wil be achieved in adding transport modalities to increase the transfer and choice options and to make it accessible and recognizable as a mobility hub.
The upgrading of the mobilityhub project station within MOVE contains the following elements;

  • An addition of e-car share system (this will be located at the rear of the station).
  • An addition of charge point for e-cars.
  • Also an addition of shared bikes.
  • We also working for further optimization of bicycle parking (within guarded indoor parking).

This additions Increase the possibilities for chain transport with clean technology. This makes the use of public transport more attractive.

  • Rental bicycles (already available)
  • Train and buses (already present)
  • Taxi ranks and Park and Ride (already available)
  • Bicycle parking facilities

All this facilities will improve chain transport and thus increase the attractiveness of the use of public transport. Higher use of public transport leads to a reduction in car flows and is therefore sustainable.

Resources needed

InvestmentsInvestments: estimated € 35.000,- Human resources: Province of Zeeland, NS, ProRail, CZAV agrisnellaad, Go About bike share, Cycle hub,
Yearly maintenanceMaintenance: only usual costs of maintenance road/parking place. Charge company owns and maintain the charge equipment
Pilot costsPilot costs: survey costs (questionaire) approx. € 5000,-
Costs permanent solutionn.a.
Timeframe: solution acception, how long does this need to be adopted by the initiator?Iniator is the municipality of Middelburg. The solution acception of companies, inhabitants, politician, was easy.
Which resources are in the pilot and which are notResources: investments Middelburg and co-finance NSR MOVE
Ideas about optimilisation for the futureImprove bike parking

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Gemeente Middelburg

The municipality of Middelburg fulfils a regional governmental role within the region Walcheren, located int the Southwest of the Netherlands. The city of Middelburg counts 48.000 inhabitants. In summer, the number increases due to the many tourists who visit the area; mainly traveling by car.

Project details

Main institutionMunicipality of Middelburg
Location, municipality/region and CountryMiddelburg, Walcheren,Zeeland, The Netherlands
Start Date08-2018
End date02-2022

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ContactR. Kösters
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