The Flex Bus is an on-demand bus service. It operates in a delimited area and travellers can take the bus between bus stops in that area. However the bus does not follow a fixed route. Travelers have to book the trip they want to make in advance, by telephone or by means of an internet application.

This service is meant to service areas that are too sparsely populated to have fixed bus lines operating at fixed hours.

Resources needed

Yearly maintenance€47.688
Pilot costs€237.013
Costs permanent solution€237.013
Timeframe: solution acception, how long does this need to be adopted by the initiator?The pilot has been developed and agreed in about 6 months. After 6 months of pilotting, the solution has been prolonged with 18 months. About 1 year into these 18 months, the Flexbus has been adopted as a permanent solution from 2022 onwards.
Which resources are in the pilot and which are notThe pilot cost mentioned above, does not include the development cost. It includes:
Depreciation and maintenance of the vehicles and of bus stops
Rent of the depot
Insurance, fuel, repairs…
Operating the bus
Ideas about optimilisation for the futureElectrification



IGEMO is an association of cities and villages in the region of Mechelen, Belgium. The objective of IGEMO is the promotion of regional sustainable development. This entails services (e.g. to inform the public on housing on behalf of the local authorities) and projects, such as MOVE.

Project details

Main institutionVervoerregio Mechelen
Location, municipality/region and CountryGemeente Puurs-Sint-Amands and Gemeente Bornem
Start Date01-09-2019
End date28-02-2020


In  the blueprint you will find all the information about this project that is available. You can download the blueprint via the button below.

More information

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ContactPieter Dresselaers
phone number+32 489 697 868
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