Addressing social exclusion by improving accessibility and low carbon travel opportunities

The MOVE project aims to shape a new approach to develop innovative and sustainable mobility initiatives through co-creation, bringing together local authorities, knowledge centres and local economic players which specifically targets transport in rural or semi-rural areas. The MOVE project will share best practice in sustainable mobility and governance to increase take up in other regions, and support the greening of transport and stimulate rural areas in the North Sea Region.

HITRANS is leading on the delivery of three pilots to address social exclusion by improving accessibility and low carbon travel opportunities into main population centres from rural and periurban areas. HITRANS main aims are outlined as;

  • Reducing the use of private cars in local mobility streams – a 10% reduction in car trips of specific target groups within the pilot area.
  • Increase the usage of sustainable mobility solutions – 20% increase in passenger numbers from the existing sustainable mobility solutions. Baseline will be 0 passengers.
  • Increase social integration through mobility. 20% increase in km travelled by target groups.
    Baseline will be 0 as currently no sustainable mobility solutions.

HITRANS is conducting three pilot projects:

  1. Skye Pilot Project
  2. Ferintosh Pilot Project
  3. E-Cargo Bike Pilot Project



HITRANS is the statutory regional transport partnerships for the Highlands and Islands focused on delivering integrated, multi-modal, transport solutions, working with public and private partners towards the Regional Transport Strategy (improvements of busses, of access to healthcare, active travel and travel information).

Collaborating partners


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