Pilot Integration public transport and target group transport between Middelburg and Vlissingen

This pilot is focussed on streamlining the transport by combining the target group transport and public transport. To be specific: in this pilot we organize a bus service between Middelburg and Vlissingen which is demand-base and very flexible.

Resources needed

InvestmentsInvestments: survey costs € 25.000,-. Human resources (knowledge): Middelburg, Vlissingen. Provincie Zeeland, Connexxion, Taxi de Vlieger, APPM,
Yearly maintenancen.a.
Pilot costssurvey costs € 25.000,-.
Costs permanent solutionUnknown
Timeframe: solution acception, how long does this need to be adopted by the initiator?Because of COVID this project had been delayed for a long time. The feasibiliity study starts in june 2020 and will end in september 2020. In the period septemebr untill december 2020 we will work at the solution acception
Which resources are in the pilot and which are notHuman resources and survey costs
Ideas about optimilisation for the futureUnknown

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Gemeente Middelburg

The municipality of Middelburg fulfils a regional governmental role within the region Walcheren, located int the Southwest of the Netherlands. The city of Middelburg counts 48.000 inhabitants. In summer, the number increases due to the many tourists who visit the area; mainly traveling by car.

Project details

Main institutionMunicipality of Middelburg
Location, municipality/region and CountryMiddelburg - Vlissingen, Walcheren, Zeeland
Start Date08-2018
End date02-2022

More information

For example website or facebook pagehttps://www.middelburg.nl/mobility-opportunities-valuable-to-everybody-move/
ContactR. Kösters
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