An upgrade of mobility hub Oude Veerseweg

This hub is located on the edge of the city; but is also located within walking distance to the city center.
The intention within Move is to increase the value of this mobility hub by improving its functioning and making it more attractive.

What are we doing exactly in MOVE for this mobility hub

  • First: Expansion of the number of parking spaces; there is now a shortage.
  • Second: Adding a number of functions such as: e-charging points, bike share system and e-car share system and a rental service of E-scooters.
    There are also some other functions already present on this parking site. For instance: a bicycle storage, bicycle rent, catering (you can eat or drink something) and a bicycle repair service.

What specific goals do we want to achieve with the Middelburg mobility hubs?

  • First: Improving accessibility of both the city center and the surrounding region. Every motorist who chooses to use the mobility hub means 1 car less in the last kilometer (s) to the city center and relieving the parking pressure in the city center.
    So success of this hub is mainly measured by how well the facilities on the mobility hub are used.
  • The second goal is to stimulate sustainable transport by charge point facilities for e-cars and rental bikes, bike share possibilities and so on.
    Due to the transfer options, the mobility hub must be a “bridge” between the city center and the surrounding area of Middelburg for both commuters and recreational traffic. The target groups of users: residents, visitors, tourists, commuters.

Resources needed

Yearly maintenanceapprox. € 44.600
Pilot costsN/A
Costs permanent solutionN/A
Timeframe: solution acception, how long does this need to be adopted by the initiator?at the moment is nit possible to give a feedback
Which resources are in the pilot and which are not
Ideas about optimilisation for the futureMore stations, more e-vehicles (bikes,cars etc...)

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Gemeente Middelburg

The municipality of Middelburg fulfils a regional governmental role within the region Walcheren, located int the Southwest of the Netherlands. The city of Middelburg counts 48.000 inhabitants. In summer, the number increases due to the many tourists who visit the area; mainly traveling by car.

Project details

Main institutionMunicipality of Middelburg
Location, municipality/region and CountryMiddelburg, Walcheren,Zeeland, The Netherlands
Start Date08-2018
End date02-2022

More information

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ContactR. Kösters
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